US H1B VISA Interview - 3

  • What about your responsibilities and for which client you are going to working for, Can you explain me in detail?
  • What is your highest education level?
  • Who is the President/CEO of US company?
  • Do you have any project details from new company?
  • Can You Show Me Tax Returns
  • Can I have your file please?
  • In which technology working your petitioner company?
  • Provide me the employees list?
  • Can you tell me what is XML ?
  • What is DTD ?
  • Did they have given any training for this project?
  • How did you come into Software, your Degree is in Mechanical Engg?
  • why has your company choose you for this project?
  • How to get H1b visa through consultants for Indian employees.?
  • what they will ask on and general questions?
  • how much time they will take an interview?
  • The consulate people will ask some tech questions or other queries also.
  • Why you want to work in US?
  • What is your responsibility in the US Company?
  • Will you come back to India?



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