Call Center, BPO Interview Questions - I

  • What is call center?
  • What do you mean by BPO?
  • What do you do when people disagree with your ideas?
  • Why do you want to work here?
  • Why should we hire you?
  • How does it help discipline to success?
  • What would you consider an ideal work environment?
  • You have replaced the CMOS battery. What must you do next?
  • Which of the following conversions is possible in windows 98?
    • FAT 16 to NTFS
    • FAT 32 to FAT 16
    • Fat 16 to Fat32 and Fat32 to Fat 16
    • Fat 16 to Fat 32 but not Fat 32 to Fat 16
  • What is the difference between Tech Support executive , Voice process , non voice process , Backend and Telecalling and define them ?
  • You are reported that the monitor at a client’s place is having a problem. You are about to remove the CPU tower to trouble shoot the issue. What do you do just before opening the CPU tower?
    • a. wear wrist strap to prevent ESD damage to the monitor
    • b. Make sure that the power is switched off and the power cord is plugged out.
    • c. Make sure that the ESD is grounded properly
    • d. Connect the monitor as well as the wrist strap to the ground.

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Alex Carlson said...

Hope these are 1st label BPO questions & tips. Please post some thing more.



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